For the Fellas

“I think men get skipped over because I don’t really think that guys are that difficult to understand. I mean as far as sex is concerned. I guess my point is, everyone thinks male sexuality is all about the penis.

So I want the truth—does penis size matter to women? Hell, you can’t even go to the Gap or any other store without seeing the male [mannequins] sporting huge packages. The message of what women want is pretty loud and clear.

So this is what I want to know: Does penis size matter? What about circumcision? I heard that when guys are cut they don’t have as much sexual pleasure. Like, I have a ton of questions but I can’t ask anyone.”

This is your place, guys. Your place to find out everything from whether you really can have multiple orgasms to steroid use to understanding how your reproductive parts work to how to better please her sexually. 

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