“That’s not what I said!”
“You never listen to me!”
“Let me finish!”
“That’s not what I mean!”
“Just listen to me!”
“Pay attention! Please!”

Sound familiar?  Anyone who’s been in a relationship longer than 15 minutes realizes that there are rough seas ahead when it comes to communicating.

With differing views of too much (“It costs too much”), not enough (“Not enough sex each week”), or a few of anything (“I’ll be home in a few minutes,” “Let’s just spend a few days with my parents”), people quickly find out that although they think they are communicating, they are far from it. 

Why is it so tough to convey our needs, wants, hopes, and feelings to the person we love? Why is it SO HARD to say what we mean? Or for our partner to accurately receive what we’re trying to say?

Today’s divorce courts are jam-packed with people who claim their marriages ended because of a “lack” of communication. The real truth? They couldn’t be further from the truth!

You cannot not communicate!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting blogs here that show couples how to:

  • Move from functional communication: This is the most common communication we use. It’s fine for addressing the ins and outs of daily life (“Who’s picking up Danny from soccer practice?”)—but it almost always leaves us feeling that something huge is lacking in our intimate connections. This is the reason why most couples experience emptiness and loneliness within their relationships…and why, over time, they ultimately decide that they have “fallen” out of love.

  • Move to nurturing communication: This is the kind of communication you want! This type of communication conveys intimacy, caring, recognition, worth, value, and validation. It’s what creates the I-wish-everyone-could-have-this-type-of-relationship relationship. It’s what creates the couple’s relational culture—a “culture” that is so slammin’ hawt and powerful and wonderful and fantastic and unique, that no one anywhere any time anyhow, can compete against. A culture that results when couples communicate so well, they come to a private, distinctive “language” that’s all their own. 
It’s going to take us a few weeks, but I promise you that what you learn will transform your relationship and take it to levels of intimacy you never thought possible!

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